Saturday, June 11, 2011


In process of posting pictures on the last leg of the trip.  It was an enjoyable trip.  Enjoyed talking with friends and family along the way.  The bike operated well.  Hit rain in Canada and a lot of head wind along the way.

 After leaving Normal, Illinois was heading East on 94 and got in a traffic jam and so some local folks told me to get on 20 going East which took me through Gary, Indiana which was kind of scary. It was poverty area but finally got out of there and made it to Michigan where I saw the lighthouse. From there basically headed up North through Grand Rapids. The picture looking down at the Bay is in town called Petoskey and it overlooks Bay Harbor, part of Lake Michigan and it is a resort town right on the water.

Then arrived at the Mackinac Bridge which takes you over to Sault Ste. Marie, Canada.

On the west side is Lake Superior and on the other side is Lake Huron so there is plenty of water all around you in this area and it is all resort area pretty much. 

 So I got on Route 17 in Canada going East and stopped in the town of Bruce Mines which is known for having the first copper mine in Canada back in 1846 and it sits right on the edge of Lake Huron. I stayed at the Bavarian Inn.

 All the way along route 17 are bays and inlets where you can get onto the different lakes. Everything was green and lush. There was all kinds of wildlife. Saw a Moose with its baby calf. Saw this sign and thought of McKay because she thought of setting this blog up for me.
 Still on Route 17 and saw the Canadian flag flying and stopped to fuel up and saw this flag. I put my glasses on the back of the motorcycle, jumped on and headed down the road and wondered I didn't have my glasses on so stopped and turned around and searched around for them but never did find them. So $300 down the drain real quick.
 These were my original notes on the segments of miles from Deming, NM to Windsor, VT and I ended up going a little over 4,000 because I took a few detours here and there.
 So I finally got to Rouse's Point in New York State which crosses over part of Lake Champlain in Vermont.  This is the statue of explorer Champlain on the North end of the Lake

 Self portrait.
 Stopped in Bethel, VT and said hi to Audrey and Sandy who have done my income taxes for years.
 Went up Mt. Hunger Rd passed our old house in Barnard, VT that we lived in for 9 years.
 Mt. Hunger Road in Barnard, VT

 Stopped by the Barnard General Store and saw Chelsea and Kim Furlong.

 One of the local Barnard folk, Fran, who had 2 daughters who went to school
with my daughter, Christy.
 Silver Lake, Barnard
 Ottaquechee River, Woodstock, VT
 Woodstock, VT

 Covered Bridge in Woodstock, VT
 The Green, Woodstock, VT
 Toni is a family friend and Nate worked in this store with her.

This is the longest covered bridge in the USA. Which is just a few
minutes from the Snapdragon Inn in Windsor, VT.

 The Connecticut River

 Finally arrived at the Snapdragon Inn after 8 days on the road and over
4,000 miles.
 As another family friend was leaving to go back to London, Karan Singh, I was able
to visit with him for a few minutes. I reunited with family members:
 Brig & Chelle Larson family

Jordan & Keighty Larson family 
and her parents Darvyl & Velda Green

 Chris & Mike Cammock family

 My beautiful wife of 40 years.
 Another family friend visiting the Inn, Amy.
Nate & McKay Larson family

So that was it.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Well, stopped for a long visit in Illinois (HA!) Rode in Monday morning and leaving Tuesday morning.
I had to get the rear tire replaced on the bike. Had a hard time finding someone that could work me in. Finally found Bombshell Motorsports in Bloomington. Bunch of tatooed motorcycle guys got me in and fixed things up. We had a nice lunch, picked up the bike and brought it back to Joy's to get it all cleaned up and ready for the next leg of the trip.
We had a nice dinner with steak kabobs and then a nice Family Home Evening with singing and stories.  Here are some pictures of my daughter Joy and her family. Husband Brian, daughters Alanah, Shannon and Miranda.

Heading to Michigan and then on to Canada.  Prayin' there won't be much rain!  Off I go!